People’s behaviour influences packaging trends

In our bustling cities across Australia, meals are often bought on the go. Our increasingly busy lifestyles have driven the call for greater ease of use and versatility of packaging, and are also driving standards, keeping food fresher for longer. Consumers now expect to carry smaller, lighter and more disposable packaging with as little additional bulk and waste as possible.

This growing trend is reflected in the numbers. The value of packaging produced in Australia is estimated to be more than $10 billion, with between 65 and 70 percent of Australian packaging being used by the food and beverage sector. Paper and board are the largest percentage of materials, followed by plastics, metal and glass.

Technological advancements have made paper the go-to material for food packaging as it avoids some of the drawbacks of plastic and metal packaging. While metal packaging can be recycled, it is expensive and energy-intensive to do so. The recycling of plastics also poses problems as many are unable to be recycled. Concerning food safety, substances such as PVC and BPA have come under fire in a number of countries, including here in Australia.

In addition to food safety, consumers are increasingly concerned about the materials used in the manufacturing process. Buyers should pay special attention to the traceability of suppliers’ packaging products to ensure they are environmentally friendly. Paper made of pulp fibre from sustainably managed forest sources provides consumers with peace of mind about the environmental origins of a packaging product.

It is also important to look at the lifecycle of a packaging product. Other advantages of paper and board are that they are generally lighter in weight, can be recycled and once exhausted, fully biodegrade. Even carton, traditionally more difficult to recycle due to laminate layers, is experiencing a boom as new recycling capabilities and technologies emerge.

Our range FoopakTM is a premium, hygienic food packaging grade delivering an extensive product range with great versatility covering multiple applications.  Most importantly all products are both FDA and ISEGA approved.

The range covers:

  • Greaseproof paper is a 38gsm – 70 GSM (Available Kit Levels 0-12)
  • Greaseproof Cup Cake paper 38 & 40 GSM (Available Kit Levels 0-12)
  • GC1 Boards (1/side coated white back) 210 – 360 GSM (Kit Levels 6,8 &10)
  • Cup Stock Base 150 – 250 GSM

FoopakTM greaseproof paper is ideal for use in bakeries, delis, sandwich bars, fast food outlets, cafes and other quick service type restaurants with the cupcake paper ideal for a variety of baking requirements.

Depending on the grade, FoopakTM is approved for both direct and non-direct food application (confirm with your representative) and designed to meet the demands of high yield, excellent durability and sleek surface combination.

Looking towards the future, it is clear that trends and consumer behaviour will influence how packaging evolves. To continue delivering value to consumers, the packaging industry needs continued innovation in smarter food packaging design that fuses functionality with moves to limit the impact packaging has on the environment.