At Paper Force, we are committed to the sustainable development of our business placing environmental, social and economic responsibility at the heart of what we do. We share in the direction of our affiliate Asia Pulp and Paper’s (APP) 2020 Sustainability Roadmap which recognises these responsibilities and paves the way to achieving our sustainability goals.

It is our environmental responsibility to ensure that the raw materials we use to make our products come from sustainable sources. This is achieved through the implementation of best practices such as Chain of Custody systems, High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) assessments and protection, and Sustainable Forest Management certification.

In February 2013, we welcomed a landmark announcement by APP to end the clearing of natural forest across its entire supply chain, signifying a major step forward for forest protection in the country.

This sets the company on course to be a leading world-class paper company solely based on sustainable plantation sources.

We have a social responsibility to the various communities in which we operate. In Melbourne, we provide support to the Rotary Club of Beaumaris Inc. The club has contributed to some incredible projects on Sabu Island in Indonesia, including the building of water wells and supporting student hostels in Kupang and Seba.

We have an economic responsibility to our shareholders, employees, suppliers and key stakeholders to sustainably manage and develop our business. We do this by providing our customers with innovative paper products from sustainably managed sources that also deliver excellent quality and value.

Paper Force UNGC Communication on Progress

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